Why Kerala is Known as God’s own Country? Does it Justify?

Kerala, the land of God, has a lot of cool activities that you should not miss! Extending along the south-western corner of India along the tropical Malabar Coast, flaunting everything from seashores and pleasant backwaters to outlandish nature and rich heritage, Kerala is without question one of India’s most beautiful states. Because of its beautiful magnificence and loads of activities accessible, Kerala has been a well-known spot for voyagers since seemingly forever. Go for Kerala Tour Package!

The most ideal way of finding what to do in Kerala is to drench yourself in cultural experiences and explore the countryside. The abundance of the natural landscape, backwaters, rich plant life, pleasant hill towns, and admirable seashores has brought about the name ‘God’s Own Country.’ Munnar’s appealing tea plantations and Alappuzha’s quiet backwaters make it into each rundown of what to see in Kerala. Enjoy the best with a Kerala Tour Package!

Cultural activities like Kathakali, the classical dance of Kerala and the famous martial arts kalarippayattu are some of the major reasons for attracting tourists in Kerala. Explorers additionally anticipate attempt some lip-smacking food since Kerala offers variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. Ayurvedic massages and treatments are well known among the people who want to see a restoration of the mind and body. Some resorts, hotels and special health centers are dedicated to Ayurvedic health programs. Kerala Holiday Package for a truly relaxing vacation!

But, Have You Ever Wondered? Why Kerala Is Known As God’s Own Country?

A well-known advertising campaign conveys the advantages and tasks a positive attitude towards this place. In India, Kerala “God’s Own Country” have been well known campaigns used to promote this area. Advertising did the stunt for this tourist spot. Kerala Honeymoon Package for a romantic & exciting experience!

The slogan “God’s Own Country” was introduced by Dr. Vipin Gopal, who made the first webpage on Kerala. It was extensively used to promote the tourism industry of Kerala. Promoting it without a doubt was the best solution. Pertinent websites are made and promoted. The Websites give simple access and, thus, a helpful mechanism for getting information on the properties and elements of the contributions. Kerala Tours lets you enjoy a hassle-free safari experience.

Kerala was previously an unknown destination, as most traveler circles zeroed in on North India, particularly Agra and Rajasthan. After the mid-1980s, Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, the government agency that directs the travel industry possibilities of the state, worked hard for the tourism industry of Kerala. Through upland advertising strategies, within a few years, Kerala’s picture got changed and became one of the best vacation destinations in South India.

Quick Guide to Kerala Tour Package for The First-Timers

Here is a guide to some of the best destinations in Kerala and why opting for Kerala tour package for the first time travelers is important:

Backwaters Cruise

No Kerala outing can end without sailing through the backwaters. The lavish palm-bordered landscape shifted natural life, and backwater-line houses and villages cause a houseboat voyage to feel like you are boating in some other country. It is, without a doubt, a quiet pursuit that can be included in your list for a heartfelt escape. To inundate yourself in the community encompassing these inland lakes, lagoons, and streams, book a hotel or homestay in these locations. Choose Kerala Package for an adventurous trip experience!

Munnar Tea Plantation Tour

This little safe haven is a brilliant spot to visit when you’re in Kerala with some privately owned tea estates in Munnar which is only 3 hours from Kochi. To see tea processing and taste different teas, visit the Kannan Devan Plantation Museum, one of the must-do things in Kerala. You can moreover hire a Suryanelli jeep which is only 25 km from Munnar to visit Kolukkumalai Tea Estate. The Kolukkumalai Tea Estate has a 100-year-old manufacturing plant. To hire jeeps it ranges from Rs.1200-2000. So when you’re here, you can try out the various flavors of tea and take home the best tea herbs you enjoyed most sipping.  Go for Kerala Package for a mesmerizing vacation!

Enjoy a Spice Tour

Take an exotic spice tour of Munnar, Wayanad, or Thekkady spice plantations or gardens. Taste some strong flavor cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, and amazing vanilla and visit the estates located on breathtaking hillsides. This is one of Kerala’s most exotic experiences. A couple of motels sell these visits in their Kerala tour packages, yet you can moreover do it in isolation, like the Spice Garden of Abraham in Thekkady. You can purchase different spices of your choice that you like at restricted rates from the studio workshop in the energetic garden itself. Kerala Tour Package for an awe-inspiring spice tour experience!

Enjoy an Ayurvedic Wellness Therapy

Ayurvedic health programs that give back rubs and body sicknesses are the most preferred experiences in Kerala. The antiquated strategy for brain and body wellbeing medication, Ayurveda, likewise comprises of the yoga practice. While there are various Ayurveda centers and resorts in Kerala, check and research the realness of these spots prior to choosing one.

Kerala Holiday Package gives you unending excitement! Kerala tourism offers the most unique techniques and guaranteeing voyagers experience the best. Head to any resort center for a little while for an oil and herbal massage, or try long week treatments and surprisingly those that last for half a month.

 Choose Kerala Honeymoon Package for a romantic getaway with your loved ones!

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