Where to Find the Weird Restaurants in India?

Enjoy a reprieve from customary eateries and have an ‘awesome’ experience at one of these themed joints. Worked around a specific subject, these eateries take you to another world inside and out with their feeling, music and food. Food Business is extremely simple to begin and bring in cash with. Individuals are attempting to concoct such countless intriguing and creative thoughts to put their image on the map. Is it true that you are feeling hungry and is exhausted of going to similar eateries over and over?

The Black Pearl, Bangalore

If you are entranced by the way of life of privateers and Captain Jack Sparrow, you can’t miss this spot. From the wooden ground surface that looks like a boat’s deck to the enlivening skulls and privateer eye fixes, The Black Pearl gives you an encounter of devouring in a privateer transport (or being held hostage in one). The Black Pearl in Koramangala, South Bangalore is the pilfered topic based café which was named after the notorious privateer transport. The café portrays the chief jack sparrow’s inheritance and principally serves worldwide fish.

Silver Metro, Bangalore

Silver Metro restaurant is in Madiwala, South Bangalore with a Metallic inside perfectly planned shopping center food court or smorgasbord outlet portraying the whole metro train. The entire train is in silver to give it a look of a metro station. You’ll unquestionably cherish the experience of eating in the Metro train. You may have gone in a metro previously, yet we wager you haven’t feasted in one. This extraordinary feasting spot in Bangalore has is brightened like a metro train.

Nature’s Toilet Café, Ahmedabad

Nature’s Toilet Café is India’s first bistro based on toilet subject which is the duplicate of Modern Toilet eatery in Taiwan. It is situated in Safai Vidyalaya close to the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad. You may have never longed for eating your food on the latrine seat. This eatery gives you a similar encounter.


This rotating eatery in Mumbai gives you an ideal spaceship experience. The guest plan and the lighting may make you think you have really been abducted by aliens.

Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

This eatery gives you a definitive encounter of eating in a jail. The whole eatery is constructed like a jail and has staff dressed as prisoners and jailers. It merits a notice on this rundown. It’s an ideal opportunity to head in jail. This café is planned precisely like a jail, with every ‘cell’ distributed to a gathering of visitors. You can even take a stab at a ‘kaidi uniform’ in the event that you wish. The servers are dressed as police officers. Try not to try and consider not taking care of your bills here.

Chokhi Dhani

Taste a cut of the rich Rajasthani culture at this hotel. Not exclusively will you be dazzled by the credible Marwari cooking accessible, yet you can encounter a day in a Rajasthani town. Appreciate Rajasthani society moving or a customary manikin show, ‘Kathputli Ro Nach’ and substantially more. You will not simply see yet in reality carry on with the existence of a Marwari town. Enlivened with town works of art, Bani thani art, and divider lights, this is the ideal spot to find Rajasthani cordiality.

Hang out at Sheroes, cafe run by acid attack survivors, Agra & Lucknow

Corrosive assault survivors have discovered desire to construct their vocation at the Sheroes Cafe in Agra and Lucknow that welcomes individuals from everywhere the world. The majority of the clients at Sheroes are unfamiliar travelers and they love the neighborliness at Sheroes. This bistro just serves veggie lover dishes mostly North Indian and Continental things. The clients can pay how much ever they like and there’s no fixed bill accordingly. Essentially, the bistro makes a decent measure of profit throughout the year, however they likewise run on swarm subsidizing every now and then.


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