The Origin & Journey of Kabaddi in India

The inception of the game traces all the way back to pre-memorable occasions played in various structures. The advanced Kabaddi match-up was played all over India and a few pieces of South Asia from 1930. The initially known structure of the guidelines of Kabaddi as a native game of India was set up in Maharashtra in the year 1921 for Kabaddi rivalries on the example of Sanjeevani and Gemini in a joined structure. From that point an advisory group was established in the year 1923, which changed the principles outlined in 1921. The altered principles were applied during the All India Kabaddi Tournament coordinated in 1923.

The All India Kabaddi Federation

The All India Kabaddi Federation was framed in the year 1950 to take care of the advancement of the game and the Senior National championship began from the year 1952. The new body, Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) came in to presence from the year 1972 partnered to Indian Olympic Association (IOA) so as to promote the game in India and adjoining nations of Asia. After arrangement of this body, Kabaddi took another shape and National level rivalries began for Junior and Sub-junior young men and young ladies too.

The 1st Asian Kabaddi Championship

The first Asian Kabaddi Championship was held in the year 1980 and was incorporated as a demonstration game in the ninth Asian Games, New Delhi in the year 1982. The game was remembered for the South Asian Federation games from the year 1984 at Dacca, Bangladesh. Kabaddi was incorporated as an order in the eleventh Asian Games Beijing 1990 and India won the solitary Gold Medal of Kabaddi in the eleventh Asian Games Beijing 1990. India is the defending champ in the succeeding Asian Games held in Hiroshima 1994, Bangkok 1998, and Busan 2002 and as of late at Doha 2006 and made history in Indian matches by dominating five sequential Gold medals in the Asian Games up until this point.

1st World Cup of Kabaddi

First World Cup of Kabaddi was organized in 2004 at Mumbai (India), India won the First World Cup by beating Iran in the finals. The second World Cup was held Panvel (India) in 2007 and India by and by got Champion. The First Asian Women Championship was held at Hyderabad in 2005 and India won the Gold Medal. Ladies Kabaddi was incorporated without precedent for the South Asian Games held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2006.

15th Asian Games held at Doha

Without precedent for the history of Asian Games a different indoor arena was worked for Kabaddi rivalry and training in the fifteenth Asian Games held at Doha [Qatar] 2006. The training courts and primary field of play was comprised of puzzle mats of Korean make. The principle field of play was furnished with a monster public screen, which showed replays and the running score. Two ‘Tissot’ plasma scoreboards, information terminals for the introduction team, the function group and the media were given.

The fifteenth Asian Games Doha gave an astounding chance to grandstand Kabaddi to the Europeans and Australians who were in extraordinary numbers in getting sorted out the Asian Games. A decent numerous observers having a place with European nations, USA, Australia, Western Asia, and the Mediterranean nations, who saw the Game interestingly, were extremely dazzled with the straightforward standards and the excitement of the game and wanted to present the game in their nations. This has given Kabaddi excellent and positive openness for its future improvement in the mainlands of Europe, USA, Australia and Africa.

Kabaddi was remembered for the second Asian Indoor games held at Macau from 25th October to third November 2007. Indeed India Won the Gold Medal. Kabaddi Men and Women the two was remembered for first Asian Beach Games being facilitated by Indonesia in 2008 at Bali, India Won Both the Gold Medals of Men and Women Events.

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