The Most Amazing Beach Destinations For A Fairytale Honeymoon in 2021

If you as a newly wedded couple find their “happily ever after” amidst sunsets, white surfs, freely flowing waves kissing your feet and drenching you in the purest elixir of love in a magical romantic setting, then there is no reason to not plan your beautiful honeymoon at these surreal beaches in the year 2021. These honeymoon destinations can turn out to be a dreamy affair, making your honeymoon even more special and intimate. If you two are truly, madly and deeply ‘beach people’ then let us give you a glimpse into the magical world of these exotic destinations of pure bliss. If 2020 had spoiled your honeymoon plans then this year, with Tripsgateway, you can truly have a dreamlike honeymoon where you can soak your spirits in the minty, musky sea breeze or just simply let the lavish resorts enthrall your spirits and blow your mind. These honeymoon destinations are sure to captivate your senses and sweep the two love unicorns off their feet with their pure exquisiteness and immaculate, well timed arrangements of luxurious resorts and plush hotels for an experience to be cherished for years. These exotic beach destinations are waiting and dying to give you the most amazing time after your wedding and all you need is to pack your bags and head to some incredible moments and wonderful time with your favorite person by your side. Check out these timeless and yet most amazing beach destinations cherry picked by Tripsgateway and expect a marvelous time already with your beloved.

La Cuvette Beach, Grand Baie, Mauritius: Mauritius is hands down one of the most alluring beach destinations of the world. Dotted with some of the most fascinating and serene beaches all around, it is worthy to be explored and can be a perfect and enchanting honeymoon destination to spend some blissful time together. Tranquility is one of the most distinct highlights of this beach. It has got some of the most amazing and plush resorts and hotels to spend quality together. Indulge in the vibe that oozes luxury at its best and soak in its charm and endless allure. The best places to stay here are: Veranda Grand Baie Hotel & Resort, Merville Beach Hotel. Honeymoon in Mauritius can be the dreamiest honeymoon a couple can ever experience together. It’s a luxurious honeymoon that you will never forget.

Pink Sands Beach, Dunmore, Bahamas: One of the most ethereal beaches of Bahamas, honeymooning at this beach with your feet being kissed by the precious and rare pink sand is truly a sight to behold and a memory worthy to be cherished. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, fascinating and unique beaches of the world where you can also enjoy an intimate candle light dinner in the evening with bae and whisper sweet nothings by roaming, strolling and playing with the sand on the shore during sunsets. This can be a breathtaking experience for lovebirds and honeymooners. You can also enjoy Horse riding and other water activities such as Snorkelling and Scuba Diving here.

RadhaNagar Beach, Havelock Island, India: One of the best and serenest of all, this honeymoon destination is truly a sight to behold. This dreamlike beach is one of the most popular beaches in Asia and one of the most heavenly tourist attractions in Andaman. If you enjoy sports then you can have a fun volleyball duel with each other and other couples around. For some ecstatic and intimate moments with your beloved, this is one of the best and most exquisite places that must be on the top of your bucket list for a delightfully intimate and cozy time with your partner in a world of your own. Sunset of this beach is absolutely awe-inspiring and magical that you just can’t miss out at all. Also, other activities that you can try at this beach are: Seawalk, Scuba at Sea Link adventures and barefoot at Havelock.

Hyams Beach, New South Wales, Australia: There can be no other sight more pristine and exquisite than a beach glistening in purest white sand as if the sheet of molten white gold being laid all around. Sounds dreamlike! Isn’t it? Well, that might be one of the most dreamlike beaches you have ever been in your life and visiting there on your honeymoon can be an experience worth of a lifetime for sure. It’s quite a picturesque escape festooned with Marine Parks, and National Parks. This beach is adorned with the whitest sand in the beach which appears surreal. One of the most popular beaches of Sydney, this is indeed worth exploring especially during the months of December-march. The best and most romantic places to stay here are: Allure at Hyams Beach, Hyams Beach Seaside Cottage.

AO Sane, Phuket: If the thought of exploring something offbeat always entices you, then AO Sane beach in Phuket is worth exploring. It is quite rocky, rugged but has its own kind of stimulating beauty that’s so raw and natural and you will find a lot of secluded spaces where you can have a nice, intimate and romantic time with your partner away from ruckus. Since, it’s quite an offbeat beach destination, so you can definitely evade the possibility of finding it populous and brimming with people. Apart from this, expect some wonderful snorkeling and exemplary diving experience here. Couples can have a great time in exploring and soaking into the blissful charm of the beach and explore its sub-aquatic life while sitting in some prime shady spots and rejoice the moments of immense peace, and soulful intimacy with your partner here.

Banana Beach, Phuket: Irresistibly beautiful and yet deserted, this Beach is one of the most surreal beaches of the world. It is one of those hidden gems that every couple must include this one in their honeymoon itinerary. It is also very well renowned for serving sumptuous seafood and other delicacies as well that one can truly enjoy under the most ecstatic shade of large trees. Best places to stay here are: Trisara Phuket, Phuket Pavilions, and Andaman White Beach Resort.

Lakshwadweep, India: Lakshwadweep in India is one of the most fascinating honeymoon beach destinations of all times. Known for its soulful quietude, serene atmosphere and charming sandy beaches adorned with coral reeds and calmest surroundings. It can truly turn out to be a delightful slice of life for any couple.

Rangali Beach, Maldives: If you’re looking for a lavish honeymoon experience then this is the destination you must include in your honeymoon itinerary. Visit it to enjoy some really enchanting landscapes, and attractive marine sports with your partner. You will find a lot to satiate your adventure lust at this beach. For an adventure junkie couple, honeymoon at Rangali Beach can be one of the most memorable and exhilarating experiences of their life.

Santorini, Greece: One of the most heavenly and ultimate honeymoon destinations, Santorini is truly dreamlike. An awe-inspiring beach destination which is loved, adored by both humans and angels alike. The serenity and serendipity is absolutely unmatched and for every ‘match made in heaven’, this destination is simply a paradise that you would have a hard time leaving after your honeymoon is over. There is this turquoise Aegean Sea overlooking the island and it has in store some of the most amazing surprises such as heavenly sunsets, illuminating nightlife, stunning gastronomy and a lot more than you can ask for. Also, expect to spend some lovely time with your partner while staying at Cliffside Villa and simply indulging in the pleasures of the island. Don’t miss out on tasting the most precious wines and sumptuous treats from Greek Gastronomy.

Maui, Hawaai: If you’re looking for a purely pampering honeymoon experience then there’s no reason why and how on earth you can even imagine missing out on visiting Maui, Hawaai. Amazing resorts, swanky restaurants, heavenly landscapes, lush valleys and palm fringed golf courses will literally sweep you two off your feet. Maui is truly one of the most fascinating honeymoon destinations to look out for and there is absolutely no dearth of amazing things you can do as a couple there such as exploring the charming towns together, pampering couple spas and massages, sailing together on a sunset cruise and snorkeling. The best places to stay here are: Maui Coast Hotel, Aston at Papakea Resort, Napili Shores by Outrigger are the most charming places to enjoy this stunning destination at its best.

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