Some of the Popular Football Leagues in India

Football is the second most praised sport in India. It has its situation after the sport of cricket. Football is famous in the southern states of Kerala, Goa and Tamil Nadu. It is additionally well known in the eastern and upper east conditions of West Bengal, Mizoram, Manipur, Odisha, Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim and Meghalaya.

Here Are Some Of The Popular Football Leagues In India.


I-League is the major and at present the most main football league of India, which was formed in 2007.

I-League 2nd Division

This league is thought of, the second most significant league of the country with since the start in 2005. The I-League2nd Division has 21 groups joined up with the league framework. The league is isolated into three divisions. The I-League 2nd Division holds a connection to the I-League.

Indian Super League (ISL)

ISL was framed in 2013 with intention to make football in India the most famous game and to carry Indian football to the hearts of the overall crowds. It utilizes the establishment framework where eight groups were made to partake in the framework.

State Leagues

State football group is by a long shot the best leagues in football that India has to bring to the table. As far as notoriety and crowd, it positions high in the football space of India. Each state has their own team in India.

Calcutta Football League

The CFL or the Calcutta Football League has different groups from Kolkata partaking in the competition. The crowd footfall is likewise exceptionally high during this football season. It has a six-level pyramid arrangement of knockout competition and is in the most established class in Asia and one of the most established on the planet. The Indian Football Association (IFA) with 157 groups for the most part from Kolkata based clubs leads the CFL.

Youth League

At present the authority youth league in India is under the standard of I-League, otherwise called the I-League U19. Pune FC won it in 2012.

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